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Solar Assisted Thermodynamic Hot Water Heat Pump Systems

This two/three day course covers refrigeration and UHWS training and assessments necessary to retrofit existing pressurised or vented hot water systems to operate using a heat pump.

This systems utilises a thermodynamic panel to collect low grade heat energy which is then upgraded by the vapour compression cycle and heats domestic hot water to 55°C.

A CITB Category 2 F Gas Certificate and a CITB UHWS certificate will be awarded successful completion.

The two day course covers F Gas Category 2 and the installation requirements of a thermodynamic system.

The three day course includes the F Gas and the CITB UHWS training and assessment.

Course Fees

A two day F Gas Category 2 is 295.00 and the additional day for CITB unvented hot water training and assessment is 200.00. The total for the three days 495.00.